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Mini Choppers

(Walking – 3 years, Parent/Child)

Our parent/child classes are for toddlers from walking age to 3 years of age and require a co-pilot at all times! In this structured class, your toddlers will work on their development of fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, pattern, recognition, social interactions, and listening skills. They will work on basic gymnastics which is set up appropriate to their size and can easily be adjusted based on your toddler's ability.

To get your toddler comfortable at the beginning of class, we have time set up for wandering and playing around the gym, which will allow for better focus during our structured circuits. We can’t forget to mention all of the music, props, and colors that will be added into class to make it an exciting environment to learn skills that will prepare your child for not only gymnastics, but for everyday life!

Class length: 45 minutes

Tuition: $185 per month


Mighty Choppers

(Pre-K, 3-4 years)

classes-mightychoppers Tab.jpg

Our Pre-K classes are for toddlers ages 3 to 4 years old who are ready for takeoff! This class is where students will overcome many new challenges such as, being independent, working on social skills, and learning new gymnastics skills. Our Mighty Choppers will work on vestibular integrations (hanging upside down, spinning, swinging, jumping, climbing, etc.), all of which are very important in learning and progressing in basic gymnastics. Since we all know that no child is alike, skills are easily adjustable so that your toddler has the best learning experience that fits his/her ability. As your toddler continues with this class, we hope to help them radiate with bravery and confidence!

Class length: 45 minutes

Tuition: $185 per month

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